Makesure WOWO Cat Scratching Board Bed

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Style: Board bed

Board bed

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Crafted with high-density corrugated cardboard and native wood pulp, this scratching board bed is durable and environmentally friendly. Its unique material ensures it won't shed or leave any messy debris around your home.

Product Features:

  • Made with high-density corrugated cardboard and native wood pulp
  • Durable and doesn't shed or leave debris
  • It can be used as a cat bed, scratching board, and toy
  • Adorable design adds cuteness to any room
  • The large size provides a cozy and hidden environment for cats to sleep in
  • Dim lighting is perfect for cat naps
  • Naturally cooling in summer and warming in winter for year-round comfort.

Suitable for pet types: small cats, medium cats

Material: corrugated cardboard

Size: 518mm*409mm*340mm 

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    "Emily H.
    "Cat's Favorite Spot"

    "My cat's new favorite spot is this all-in-one cat scratching house. The spacious interior and inviting house shape provide the perfect environment for play and relaxation. The durable materials ensure it will last for a long time. Great value for money!"

    "Daniel J.
    "Easy to Assemble"

    "Setting up this cat scratching house was a breeze. It's lightweight and portable, allowing me to place it anywhere in my home. My cat immediately took to it and enjoys scratching, playing, and napping. Highly recommend this convenient and stylish cat furniture!"

    "Sophia W.
    "Cozy and Stylish"

    "This cat scratching house is a perfect addition to my home decor. Its modern design seamlessly blends with my living space. My cat loves the cozy interior and spends hours playing and napping inside. It's a great investment for both cats and their owners!"

    "Michael D.
    "Excellent Quality"

    "I'm impressed with the quality of this cat scratching house. The materials are durable and eco-friendly, perfect for withstanding my cat's scratching and play. The multi-purpose design is genius, and my cat adores it. Highly satisfied with this purchase!"

    "Laura T.
    "Great Entertainment"

    "My cat absolutely loves this all-in-one cat scratching house! It provides endless entertainment with its scratching surface and play area. The spacious interior and cozy house shape make it a favorite spot for napping. Highly recommended!"