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Cat grass is a must-have for cats

Cat grass is a must-have for cats!

Some cat owners have doubts about cats eating grass and worry about problems with their cats. In fact, there is a certain basis for cats to eat grass.
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Why is cat peeing on the bed

Why is cat peeing on the bed

Finding yourself lying on sheets soaked in cat pee may be the one time you wake up in bed and wish you had a nightmare. But unfortunately, cat urine on mattresses is one of the dilemmas some pet owners face.
People often complain: "The cat always pees the bed for no reason; it feels like retaliatory peeing!" The cat often pees on the bed after I go out.
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Why do cats love scratching furniture

Why do cats love scratching furniture?

Scratching comes naturally to cats; it's in their DNA. They do it when they play, stretch, or groom themselves, and sometimes cats even scratch when they purr or feel happy. Scratching is not necessarily harmful or aggressive behaviour. People commonly mistake cats for using their claws as a sign of a bad attitude, but that's not the case; they are simply doing what comes naturally to them.

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