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Teepee Pet Tent with Cushion Pet Bed

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What does a cat need other than delicious treats? A cosy bed to nap, rest, and purr. This Teepee cat tent with a cushion can be the perfect addition to your cat bed. It’s as soft as your kitty’s fur, comfortable, and made of the finest quality material. It has a hanging teaser toy so your cat would spend all her days in the cat nest playing, having fun and rest infinitely. If your cat is going to have kittens, then this cat tent with a cushion can be the best first home!

  • Cat tent with removable cushion
  • Soft, comfortable, and cozy
  • Warm pet nest
  • Can handle the weight of an adult cat or puppy


Size: 60×60×78cm
Net Weight: 810g
Material:  Cotton