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Two Climbing Level Sisal Cat Scratching Tree

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Apart from the exquisite pastel hues of the ultra-soft chenille fabric used to cover the climbing shelves, this unique cat tree also has a cat nest at the bottom. Made of solid wood, the poles are covered with pet-safe, chemical-free, Sisal rope that feels super-satisfying to the fur baby. The beautiful cat tree house pleases and engages multiple indoor cats at the same time. Not to forget the cute little frog hanging down the climber shelves that cats can attack and play with for hours. Blends perfectly with Nordic interiors. This amazing cat tree is one solution to all cat problems!

  • Soft plush fur chenille fabric
  • Sisal rope scratcher
  • Great for multiple cats
  • Hanging frog for cat play
  • Size: 49x49x111cm