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Supermarcat Automated Self-clean Smart Litter Box

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Litter Box (get free garbage bag)


 Supermarcat Smart Litter Box with odor control option and led touch screen will make everything easier. Schedule scooping, cleaning, and deodorizing from the convenience of your smartphone using the special App. Thanks to its many safety sensors, the litter box is compatible with all kinds of litter and is ultra-quiet and safe.




Use the app to automatically scoop or clean the litter box on command or schedule. Deodorize the surrounding area from any bad smell. Get valuable data for your pet (i.e., pet weight, frequency of use, etc.)


The litter box has numerous sensors inside and near the entrance that ensure your pet's safety. The infrared sensor can detect your pet within a 50 cm diameter of the litter box's opening. The device will stop immediately if a foreign matter is detected during scooping.


The litter box has an effective air purification system. Equipped with a high-pressure ozone chamber, it thoroughly kills bad odor molecules. The litter chamber releases ozone in safe doses to decompose harmful odor-producing molecules. No refills are required.


At 46 dB, the Smart Litter Box is very quiet and can be kept anywhere in the house.


Compatible will all kinds of litter (tofu litter, soil litter, and mixed litter), so you don't have to change your pet's litter habits.


Color: White
Drawer Capacity: 8L
Max Cat Litter Capacity:4.3L
Materials: ABS + PP
Net weight: 32lbs
Dimension:20.5 X 21.3 X 27.1 inches
Power Voltage:12 Volt DC
Power Rating: 15W
Noise: <50dBA