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Supermarcat Interactive Roller Circuit Toy Tunnel Design Rotating Running Balls

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: White


Material: PP Package

Including:1 PCS Cat Interactive Toy

Size: 19.6 Inch* 9.25 Inch

Exercise: Exercise is vital for keeping your cat healthy. Playing with your cat and having your cat romp around with others is a perfect way for your cat to get exercise, both physically and mentally.

Release of Anxiety: Anxiety and stress are as harmful to cats as they are to the rest of us. Cats under stress are more apt to develop behavioral problems such as aggression, urine marking, or obsessive-compulsive disorders.

Relief of Boredom: Cats especially, being naturally curious, can get depressed and lethargic. Cats need some sort of challenge every day. Watch a cat try to grab at a ball that is spinning around randomly in a circle. She is concentrating so hard that a simple movement of your foot can send her skyrocketing into the air. Whether she is looking out the window at chattering birds, or chasing a feather stick, she loves and needs to play.

Feel Good: Play, by definition, is something to make whomever is playing feel good. And your cat deserves to feel good, doesn't she?

Bonding With Other Cats or Animals in the House: Cats chase other cats, cats entice dogs to chase after them, and cats even chase dogs in some households! This type of behavior provides much-needed bonding. Playing with your cat can even bond her to you - and who couldn't stand more bonds in their lives?