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Supermarcat Cat Interactive Hunt Teaser Pick-up Toy

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The interactive cat feather toy is a fun and healthy way to play with your cat. This toy will keep them active and engaged, while you have fun at the same time. They can use their natural hunting instincts to catch balls as they jump around the room. This gun is lightweight and easy to hold, so you don't tire out as quickly as you would if playing with your cat using a standard ball or stick toy.


 Interactive Relief Bounce Gun is fun to play with kittens. It simply presses the trigger to activate the feather and releases the trigger to make the feather automatically rebound. It attracts your cat to get active in the play. 

[Enrich Cat's Life] The Sound Of Bell Can Attract Cat's Attention Easily. Pop-Up Soft Toys Could Inspire Cats' Hunting Instincts. You Could Replace Balls With Freeze-Drying Snacks.
[Stylish Cat Hunter Interactive Toy] Fashion Pistol Shape Provide A Different Hunting Experience. Pulling The Trigger And Ball Will Automatically Pop Up.
[Safe Material] The Balls Are Made Of Cashmere, So Soft And Comfortable. Pine Handle Has A Good Touch.
[Easy To Install] Just Takes 5-10 Minutes To Assemble The Toy.
[Creative Gifts For Your Kids] Great For Interactive Play, Easy To Roll It And Chase.perfect For Birthday Gift, Pet Shop, Pet Owner