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Your Cat Will Scratch This Milk Box Until He Gets His Daily Dose of Calcium

Eco-friendly best fur-end scratcher for your kitty cat!

Introducing the perfect place for your feline friend to scratch and relax - the Purroom Cat Scratcher Milk Box! Sturdy, interactive cat furniture is made from high-quality materials that will withstand even the most enthusiastic scratching. Perfect for kittens to curl up in. The playful design of this cat scratcher also makes it a great piece of furniture for any room in your home. Whether your cat wants to take a nap or have some fun playing, this Cat Scratcher Milk Box Blue has them covered.

This Cat Scratcher Carton Milk Box  is a big and generous scratching post, made with high-quality materials to ensure your cat gets the most out of it. Plus, the adorable Milk Box design is a great addition to any home. It's completely safe to use and 100% recyclable - bonus!

Benefits & Features:

  • Generous size and value, providing a satisfying scratching session
  • High-quality materials to ensure maximum lifetime
  • Convenient hiding spot for quick and easy naps
  • Able To Suit Any Home
  • Adorable Milk Box design
  • Completely Safe To Use
  • 100% recyclable and non-toxic


Corrugated Paper

Product Weight: 1 kg

Product Dimensions: 32 x 32 x 56 cm

Product Colour:  Blue