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PIDAN Leash- Dog -Rhombus

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: A1


Attractive and unique dog leash.

This dog leash brings excitement and fun during the walks and the trips to the mall. Balances safety and style which makes this product one of a kind dog accessory. Constructed out of double-lined fine stitches and strengthened by neoprene and silk polyester, plus a rust-proof steel buckle, the Pidan Leash Dog Rhombus A1 is extremely convenient and lightweight. The shock absorber design prevents pulling when your dog starts to sprint. More, the high-elastic shock absorber would extend the walk times with your furry friend.

Benefits and Features:

  • Sweat absorbing and slip-resistant fabric.
  • When in need of more control, grip the shock absorber.
  • Provides tough but friendly teaching to encourage good leash behaviour.
  • Multiple patterns and colour options.

Dimensions: 25mm × 1270mm

Weight: 213g

Materials: Dacron, Zinc Alloy, TPU


Pidan Leash Dog Rhombus is not your average dog leash. Made with quality fabric, the strap is slip-resistant and quick-drying to keep your dogs safe during walks. Designed with a shock absorber so that any physical injury on your dog especially on the neck is prevented.