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Pidan Dog Training Pads -(56*56cm)- 4 pads

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  • The new-generation training pad gives you a cleaner house.
  • High-performance Japanese Sumitomo® macromolecular material helps the water-absorbing layer minimise leakage.
  • Training pad has a five-layered structure that sucks in fluid instantly and prevents leaking surely. The large-sized potty pad’s surface remains dry even after absorbing approximately 1200 ml of liquid.



1. Do not flush into the toilet after use to avoid blockage of the downpipe.

2. Please keep it in a dry place and away from direct light and prevent your pet from eating it.


Product information.

Our potty pad is suitable for cats and dogs.


Nonwoven fabric, tissue paper, fluff pulp, SAP, PE film.



40 pads per bag, each pad is 56 x 56 cm.