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Pidan Catnip Plush Toy - Little Monster

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Your cat must play and have fun on its own but that is only possible if you have the right cat toys for it. Have a look at these Pidan Catnip Plush Toys (Little Monster) - a collection of cute-looking, soft plush toys; each one better than the first. We are sure both you and your cats are going to fall in love with these plush toys. Each one has a chip of catnip inserted in them that will attract your cat to play more with the tempting aroma. Super cute and fun, these will add colours to your cat’s life.

  • 8 pieces/ collection
  • Washable
  • Contains catnip chip
  • Easy to wash
  • Wear-resistant
1. The product is washable.
2. After cleaning, it can be dried naturally. Avoid sun exposure.
3. To avoid corrosion or fading, do NOT use a non-neutral cleaner.
4. Applicable Target: Cats