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PIDAN Cat Litter Deodorizer - 8 Bags/Box

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Safe and natural cat litter deodorizer.

Say goodbye to foul pet smells on linens, and carpets with the Natural Freshening Power of Pidan Deodourising Cat Litter. Made with premium quality mineral crystals, the Dr. P Magic Powder not only fight odours naturally but is also a perfect choice for all clumping cat litters. It's easy to use, when accidents happen, the Magic Powder fights against pet smells on floors and carpets. It keeps the air in your home fresh, plus the composition is safe and harmless to humans and cats. Comes in 8 packs per box.

Benefits and Features:

  • Produced out of natural minerals, no chemical and fragrance.
  • Locks in odour thanks to the Bentonite material.
  • Convenient to use, simply mix with cat litters.
  • A great choice for all types of cat litter.

Product Size: 15 x 29 x 7.5cm

Net Weight: 1.6KG (8 package)

Material: Bentonite


Pidan Deodouriser 8 Bags/Box is a cat litter deodorizer that simply ensures it eliminates foul-smells at your home. A natural cat litter deodorizer using primarily Bentonite as the deodorizer and clumping litter that’s very effective and eco-friendly too.