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Pidan Automatic Cat Toy in White - Little Snow

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Satisfy your cat’s natural instincts with this interactive snow toys, specifically designed for felines. Your kitty wouldn’t get tired of hunting and chasing the little snow toy. The small automatic cat toy is designed to run continuously for 10 minutes in order to catch your kitty’s attention before it finally stops and turns over.  This mechanism would naturally teach your cat to encounter and overcome obstacles. It’s a super-interactive automatic cat toy with regular motion tails that attracts attention!

  • The unpredictable course of advancement, inspiring cat hunting nature
  • Automatic avoidance obstacle Encounter obstacles and automatically bypass, attracting cats to pay attention Turn over automatically after being running for 10 minutes.
  • A dapper toy for interaction with your cat.
  • The irregular motion trail offers the charm of pleasure. 
  • Keep away from water
  • Battery operated
  • Interactive cat toy
  • Facilitates cat’s natural instincts

The battery is included. Please avoid using it in a high-temperature environment.


Size: 44.5×16.2×21.7mm Net Weight: 8.5g