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Pidan️ Pet Bowl

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It is a pet bowl with both cold and warm insulation functions. "The Profound Significance of Water Bowl" is born!
It is characterized by a unique water injection design.
You can inject ice water and hot water* as needed;
The 304 stainless steel bowl part with the ABS base makes it more durable and easy to clean;
The split design is user-friendly!
The different size options suit different pet size types.
There is a double-bowl type to choose from!
It a good feed accompanying your pet all year!

Do NOT heat it with a microwave oven.
A stainless steel bowl part can be washed in a dishwasher.
To avoid burning your pet, do NOT add boiling water directly. The recommended water temperature is
0 - 40 degrees centigrade.


S Single Bowl 186.5×163×82mm / S Dual-Bowls 326×163×82mm / M Single Bowl 218.5×195×92mm / L Single Bowl 262.5×234×101mm
Net Weight:S Single Bowl 315g / S Dual-Bowls 645g / M Single Bowl 545g / L Single Bowl 778g
ABS + Stainless Steel