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Petkit Pura X Automated Self-Clean Cat Litter Box

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A litter box for your kitty that would clean on its own; what else does a cat parent need? Take your cat toilet to the next level and avoid having to go through the hassle of cleaning your kitty’s litter box yourself. This automated smart litter box would make your cat-raising experience amazing, simple, and easy!

Secure protection

The six-layer protection made of 12 high precision sensors with real-time motion detection to ensure your cat is safe when inside her own private toilet.

Auto-deodorisation & Anti bacteria

The concentrated purifying liquid can be sprayed immediately after the kitty finished the business with the built-in automatic odour-removal module. Keep your cat's private space smelling fresh.

Smart & Remote Control

You can track your cats' business time and remote control via PetKip App. Don't worry about your cat and enjoy your holiday!

Real-time notification

Can track your cat's information such as weight and the frequency of their business via PetKit App. Keep your cats' healthy.


  • Anti-bacteria & auto deodorisation technology;
  • 2.4GHz WiFi + Bluetooth technology to remote control cleaning
  • Compatible with plant, mixture, and bentonite litter
  • Internal Size: 459x420mm
  • Device Size: 504x532x646mm
  • 1 Year Australia Warranty


  • Pura X Device x 1
  • Pura X Top Cover x 1
  • Power Plug x 1
  • Litter Cleaning Mat x 1
  • Purification Liquid x 1
  • Waste Bag Refill x 1

*This product is Big & Bulky and cannot be returned as Change of Mind