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Makesure Nordic Creative Cat Toy Box

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: Blue Grey


Made of high-quality PP and TPR, this interactive cat toy is a must-have for every cat owner. Let the inquisitive fur baby peak into the playhouse and take the treat out, preventing the obstacles. A mini cute multi-hole cat toy that’s lightweight and portable to take with you anywhere you are!

Key Features:

  • Made of  high-quality  environmental friendly materials PP and TPE to ensure pet's safety.
  • Three play modes, unleash the cat's hunting nature. Variety of changes, combination of playing, too excitement to stop:
  • Obstacle Maze Mode: Put small snacks or toys between the obstacle boards, and Put the lid then see the magic of this how cats get the prey.
  • Crazy trackball mode: The bottom board of the toy is designed for double-sided use one side is hole board mode, and other side is track ball mode to meet the diversified play needs of cats.
  • Simulated hunting mode: A hook is reserved inside the toy top cover which can hang all kinds of toys Play to heart's content and show the hunter's instincts.
  • Tidy and Mess-free: Built-in storage space at the bottom to store the obstacles and make it a safe kitten toy.
  • Exercise the cat's body- MAKESURE Hola Cat Toy: This toy engages cats to get the prey inside, this movement effectively increases the cat's body health.
  • Unique Design-All the designs of cat roller toy are unique, which are comfortable and entertaining.