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Purroom Little Chicken Canned Cat Grass Planter

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A super-essential planter for indoor cats who face stomach issues quite often. Comes with nutrient-rich soil to grow 100% organic and healthy cat grass containing vermiculite. It also helps with inducing vomiting of hairballs. Take a bit of grass and mix it with canned food to provide better nutrition to your fur baby. This cute, nifty, Nordic cat grass planter would be your cat’s favourite treat after every meal. It’s indeed a natural herbal treatment of the cat for herself. The rust-resistant, adorable, Nordic planter looks pretty whether you place it on the kitchen countertop, balcony, or living room or maybe near cat house!

  • 100% organic cat grass seeds
  • Nutritious soil
  • Helps cat vomit hairballs
  • Great for curing indigestion
  • Nifty and adorable design
  • Size: 6x10cm